(replacement ) Yes Prime Minister - Comp Torrent Free Download

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(replacement ) Yes Prime Minister - Comp Torrent Download
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(replacement ) Yes Prime Minister - Comp Torrent Download

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Torrent Description

This is a replacement torrent for our previous one which we recently discovered due to feedback
we received for a peer that the episodes were incorrectly organized into four folders suggesting
four seasons rather than two seasons which would have been the correct organization of folders
instead. As well, the full correct episode Titles were not applied as they should have been to avoid

If you are seeding on the torrent we had in place, please note you can switch to this corrected
folder offering by simply making the folder and file name changes to match what we now have here.
The files remain the same otherwise, you wont have to re-download anything to continue supporting
our efforts to promote British culture and awareness through your seeding efforts additionally. thanks
greatly for your support. We will delete the previous torrent soon, in order to avoid confusion for
those wishing to download and join us as seeders too perhaps in the future.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo) (britishcanada.org founder)

Torrent Details:

Full resolution of NTSC format at 720 X 480 the video bitrate is set to 800k the audio is at 128k
Full "Yes Prime Minister" series plus extra episode of "Yes Minister" called "Party Games"
which aired later in 1984 included as a DVD extra

Enjoy this thoroughly great series of comedy from the geniuses who put up British comedy to rank
with fawlty towers and the like I would say.

A must have series -

enjoy this and the Yes Minister series which precedes it and which we also have for you here posted!
Episode listings below

Episodes Listings
The episodes in the torrent folders are in the right sequential order
however they are mistakenly in four volume folders rather than
two which would have been the better way to deliver them.
All the episodes are present however they are separated into
four folders rather than two.

Listings below from IMDB site:

S1, Ep1
9 Jan. 1986
The Grand Design
8.7 (149)
The new Prime Minister is preoccupied with defense issues as he begins to learn some
of the details, such as the Russians having six times as many nuclear weapons as the UK
or that the armed forces could withstand a conventional attack for 72 hours at best. As only
Jim Hacker can do, his "Grand Design" is less than practical and it is left to Sir Humphrey,
now Cabinet Secretary, to inject a dose of realism. The PM also wants a cook for 10 Downing St.,
but wants the government rather than himself to pay.

The Ministerial Broadcast
S1, Ep2
16 Jan. 1986
The Ministerial Broadcast
8.6 (142)
Jim Hacker plans to introduce his "Grand Design" to the British public during his first broadcast as
the new P.M. However, Humphrey continues to try to convince Hacker to hold off, planning to let it die.

The Smoke Screen
S1, Ep3
23 Jan. 1986
The Smoke Screen
8.6 (128)
Sir Humphrey opposes P.M. Hacker's plan to cut taxes, so Hacker steers the Minister for Health into
campaigning against smoking as a diversion.

The Key
S1, Ep4
30 Jan. 1986
The Key
9.3 (183)
Sir Humphrey has to scramble when the Prime Minister's Political Advisor, Mrs. Wainwright, convinces
the PM that she should get her old office back. Sir Humphrey and his predecessors have been trying to
get her moved for years but he may have met his match when she also suggests to the PM that he re-assign
Sir Humphrey's responsibilities for promotions and appointments. When the PM orders Bernard to take away
Sir Humphrey's key to the door connecting the Cabinet Office to 10 Downing Street, the Cabinet Secretary sees
the light.

A Real Partnership
S1, Ep5
6 Feb. 1986
The Prime Minister must deal with a worsening financial crisis that requires all government Departments to cut
their budgets. The belt-tightening coincides with a hoped-for civil service pay increase and Sir Humphrey and Sir
Frank Gordon, the Treasury Secretary, decide they need to ensure the pay rise is announced as soon as possible.
The PM thinks he has Sir Humphrey this time when his political adviser provides challenging questions about the pay
rise. Sir Humphrey seeks advice from his predecessor, Sir Arnold Robinson, and develops a plan to win over the PM.

A Victory for Democracy
S1, Ep6
13 Feb. 1986
The Foreign Office is having problems with the PM who is starting to question their advice in favour of a more pro-US line.
In question is the political situation in St. Georges' island where Marxist guerrillas are posing a threat and am impending
vote at the UN to condemn Israel. Sir Humphrey and his Foreign Office counterpart connive, of course, to ensure that the
PM sees things their way. The PM, however, sets about to outwit them.

The Bishops Gambit
S1, Ep7
20 Feb. 1986
P.M. Hacker is to appoint a new bishop, and Sir Humphrey may secure a cushy appointment on retirement if he can
convince Hacker to appoint the current Dean to the bishopric.

One of Us
S1, Ep8
27 Feb. 1986
When the Director General of MI5 informs the Prime Minister that his predecessor was a Soviet agent, Jim Hacker
learns that he had been thoroughly investigated some years previously by none other than Sir Humphrey and given
a clean bill. Needing to regain the upper hand over Hacker, Sir Humphrey suggests that he order the rescue of a dog that
has wandered onto an artillery range. While the ploy to get positive publicity works, it also provides Sir Humphrey with
valuable leverage.

Man Overboard
S2, Ep1
3 Dec. 1987
The Employment Secretary wants to move army regiments to north England to save money, so Sir Humphrey
leads P.M. Hacker to believe the Employment Secretary is after the P.M.'s job.

Official Secrets
S2, Ep2
10 Dec. 1987
P.M. Hacker wants to prevent publication of the unflattering memoirs of the previous P.M. as an official secret,
and a furor erupts in the press when his actions are leaked by the press.

A Diplomatic Incident
S2, Ep3
17 Dec. 1987
When the French hold out for primacy over a sub-Channel tunnel, P.M. Hacker uses the info that they planted
a bomb in their own embassy to obtain more favorable terms.

A Conflict of Interest
S2, Ep4
31 Dec. 1987
P.M. Hacker, pressured by rumors of wrongdoing in the City, is tricked by Sir Humphrey into appointing a less-
than-honest man as the new Governor of the Bank of England.

Power to the People
S2, Ep5
7 Jan. 1988
A local councilwoman is throwing her weight around, but P.M. Hacker's plan to make local government truly
responsive to its constituency motivates her to cooperate with Sir Humphrey's opposition.

The Patron of the Arts
S2, Ep6
14 Jan. 1988
P.M. Hacker is scheduled to speak at a broadcast awards ceremony -- right after the announcement that the arts
budget will be much smaller than hoped.

The National Education Service
S2, Ep7
21 Jan. 1988
On the advice of his political adviser, P.M. Hacker plans to eliminate the National Education Service and let parents
choose the schools their children will attend. Horrified, Humphrey must prevent the precedent being set of eliminating
unnecessary bureaucracy.

The Tangled Web
S2, Ep8
28 Jan. 1988
The Prime Minister finds himself in a bit of a pickle when he flatly denies in the House that the government has bugged MP's
telephones. It turns out the government was and Sir Humphrey was aware of it. The PM wants Sir Humphrey to back him,
but he refuses to participate in a cover-up. The shoe is on the other foot however when Sir Humphrey makes unwise comments
to a radio interviewer thinking that the tape recorder has been turned off. The PM agrees to help him, for a price.

Plus extra on the DVD which we bring you is the " Yes Minister" 1984 "Party Games" special episode

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